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The Short Brothers
...multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, songwriters, recording artists, recording engineers, story tellers, comedians, masters of ceremonies, radio DJs, cowboys, carpenters, salesmen, road warriors, political junkies, football fanatics...
Yeah, they're all those things - and more.
However, what they do best is combine two strong voices with about a dozen instruments (that they actually play well) and more than half a century of musical and life experiences to bring a relaxed and confident performance to whatever setting they find themselves in.
Also, because of their instrumental versatility combined with a deep knowledge and love of many musical styles, they cover these styles with authenticity. From blues to bluegrass, rock to jazz, country to pop, reggae to Irish and beyond, they play it right.
Over the past 19 years, Rick and Jerry have traveled more than half a million miles and played well over 3000 shows. They've played New England Coffee Houses, the Grand Canyon, New York State Parks, concerts in Canada, beach resorts in Maryland, ski resorts in New Hampshire, Key West, FL to Westville, IN, and practically every road house between Maine and L.A. If you've never seen them, it's because you don't get out enough.